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The Executive Edition

The original book in the 20MNM series, the Executive Edition is utilized by career forces, outplacement firms, and transitioning executives around the world.

As an extrovert, networking came easily. So I was surprised to learn all the ways I could improve my skills just by following the advice in this powerful little book.
“One of the reasons this method is so effective is how respectful it is. It acknowledges that time is an extremely valuable commodity. From limiting chit-chat to creating a context for the conversation, it allows both participants to get the most out of the session.”
“This book is extremely helpful. What makes it so valuable is the quick, snappy writing style helps you get through it easily and on with your networking which is summarized at the end. I highly recommend this book.”

The Professional Edition

Winner of 5 National and International books awards, the Professional Edition serves any job-seeker from any background.
“I particularly appreciated the candid treatment of the entire topic of networking, dispelling my view of it being a “schmoozy” practice that often felt like it was a waste of time when people asked to network with me. I now see how those notable exceptions that I truly enjoyed had leveraged the concepts in this book.
“Great book! Every professional must read! Great book for effective professional interactions!”
“The 20-Minute Networking Meeting is a gem for anyone looking for a job or wishing to expand their professional contacts.”

The Graduate Edition


“The best advice I can give on navigating one-on-one networking is to check out The 20-Minute Networking Meeting. Follow their advice and your meeting will be a well-crafted success.” — Dr. Bertice Berry – USA Today College

“A College student and new grad must have. I’ve given this as a compliment to another gift and holder for a monetary gift.
“Nathan understands both sides of the networking dialogue: the hiring manager and the college graduate. He honors the needs of the employer while sharing how a college student can get AND give value during a networking meeting. His five-step method is easy and effective. I recommend this book to all the college students in our internship program.”
“I am a college senior, and I was given this book by the VP of Human Resources at my college. He highly recommended that I read it to aid in my networking.”

The Veteran’s Edition – NEW!


The newest in the The 20-Minute Networking Meeting series, the Veteran’s Edition was constructed especially for transitioning civil service members. (You do not have to be a military veteran for this book to serve you!)

“Served as a tool for me to search for my next career. Let to me landing my next opportunity. This particular edition was helpful for me to take prior military experience and putting it to work when networking. A must read for those who are fed up with online application process.”