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The Executive Edition

The original book in the 20MNM series, the Executive Edition is utilized by career forces, outplacement firms, and transitioning executives around the world.

“Great book for those who are looking for help networking during a job search.”
“I have now recommended this book to over 100 people.”
“Very succinct, clear, and engaging. Unlike other business self-help-ish books, this book seemed to be grounded in how humans actually behave”
“Beyond making the case for effective networking, the authors lay out a practical useful framework. It belongs in everyone’s executive toolset.”

The Professional Edition

Winner of 5 National and International books awards, the Professional Edition serves any job-seeker from any background.
“A terrific book! As a career counselor, I’ve developed a method of networking (informational interviews) that reflects this approach.”
“This book offers a clear, no-nonsense approach to setting up and conducting a networking meeting as part of a smart job search strategy. As a job search and interview coach, I constantly recommend it to my clients.”
“Fascinating read with excellent and constructive tips for any level of job seeker.”

The Graduate Edition


“The best advice I can give on navigating one-on-one networking is to check out The 20-Minute Networking Meeting. Follow their advice and your meeting will be a well-crafted success.” — Dr. Bertice Berry – USA Today College

“I love how easy to read and follow this book was. It breaks down a networking meeting into real, actionable steps that makes the idea of networking less daunting.”
“The career center at my college suggested this book. It’s easy to read, logical, and engaging. It helps demystify the networking process, and while I have yet to try the techniques, they have given me more confidence in reaching out to new or casual contacts.”

The Veteran’s Edition – NEW!


The newest in the The 20-Minute Networking Meeting series, the Veteran’s Edition was constructed especially for transitioning civil service members. (You do not have to be a military veteran for this book to serve you!)