The 20-Minute Networking Meeting

Example Video!

What does a 20-Minute Networking Meeting actually look like?

In this video, you will see a mock 20-Minute Networking Meeting in its entirety. It features Taous, a soon to be MBA grad, networking with an executive in her chosen industry of finance, played by 20MNM co-author, Nathan A. Perez.

Note: This video ia truncated, 8.5 minute version of a full length 20MNM. Remember, meetings can be as long or as short as they need to be, and never have to last exactly 20 minutes. But without a doubt, watching the following will give you a good sense of how fluid and effective a 20-Minute Networking Meeting can be, no matter the length! Enjoy!

About The 20-Minute Networking Meeting

The 20-Minute Networking Meeting will successfully serve any job-seeker from any background–field sales to customer service; doctor to bartender; teacher to derrickman; legal aid to construction; retail to management; students, executives and veterans. All you need is desire; the rest is in this book!

Lauded by business leaders around the world, The 20-Minute Networking Meeting puts you in control of your job-search discussions and, ultimately, your career. Taking the best elements of the best networkers from a multitude of industries and professions, combined with 40 years of the authors’ own experience, the 20MNM culminates in a highly productive networking approach from a hiring perspective.

In this book, learn what networking (really) is, and how to:

  • Master the 5 most important parts of a networking meeting
  • Create a networking agenda
  • Construct key questions to lead a discussion
  • Expand a professional network with more names
  • Break into the “Invisible/Hidden Job Market” (where over 70% of all jobs are obtained)
  • Incorporate and express your service experience in civilian meetings (Veterans Edition)
  • Incorporate your graduate / educational background into your professional experience (Graduate Edition)
  • Maintain your new network throughout your career!

Chock full of real-world scenarios, short stories, meeting examples, and dozens of tips and observations from hiring authorities and recruiting experts, The 20-Minute Networking Meeting is an end-to-end lesson on job-search networking, founded on the premises of gratitude, positivity, and reciprocity.

Specifically constructed to clarify and simplify networking for job-search, The 20-Minute Networking Meeting was written for even the most introverted networker and is rounded out with a complete set of readiness worksheets that guide the reader through actual networking preparation, with fully written stories that show the entire The 20-Minute Networking Meeting model in action.

Read a Sample of the Professional Edition!

The 20-Minute Networking Meeting - Veterans Edition