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Are you looking for...  

  • Cross-functional relationship-building or Career Development for your corporate employees or alumni? 
  • Do your University or MBA students need job-search networking or inter-personal networking training?
  • Does your outplacement firm, workforce, or coaching clientele  need a fresh, personal approach to networking for career transition, career development, or job search?  
You've come to the right place!

Networking Webinars are customizable, chock full of quick and easy-to-learn information, and give a jump start to networking skills, even if attendees haven't read The 20-Minute Networking Meeting.

Networking Seminars are even more information dense, and include a presentation followed by a highly interpersonal skill-building session. Focused on Social, Spontaneous and Speed Networking, these skills can be applied to every day business-- or personal-- scenarios, such as business conferences; social or company holiday events; networking events; sales and business development; marketing; and internal (cross-functional) relationship building. Seminars are high energy, quick-learn, dynamic and fun!


Distance is no obstacle to networking or to learning. Nathan provides quarterly webinars (live, and on camera!) to multiple national organizations each year, including colleges, workforce centers, associations, foundations, and some of the country’s largest outplacement firms such as Right Management, and RiseSmart, Inc. who make The 20-Minute Networking Meeting available to each of their executive job-seeking clients around the nation.  Webinars are customizable in 60-minute to 1.5-hour formats, for all kinds of organizations, and include time for Q&A. If you would like Nathan to present in person, contact him here.


Did you know that 70% of all jobs are obtained through networking?  Did you know that number jumps to 80% if you're an executive or aspire to be one? Did you know that most jobs aren't even posted and exist only in the Invisible/ Hidden Job Market? 

How do we break into the Hidden Job Market? Networking!

A professional writer and formally trained actor with a 20-year career on stage and in front of cameras, Nathan holds a dynamic on-camera webinar session from end-to-end, providing answers and examples from both a job-seeker and hiring/ recruitment standpoint. Active, conversational in tone, and full of samples and stories, webinars dig into the 20MNM's 5 steps and include time for Q&A. 

Webinars cover:

  • How to master the 5 most important parts of a networking meeting
  • How to create a networking agenda
  • How to construct key questions to lead a discussion
  • How to expand a professional network with more names
  • How to break into the Invisible/Hidden Job Market
  • How to make a networking meeting more effective, efficient, and mutually beneficial
  • How to maintain your new network throughout your career
  • How to put all this together to create a powerful 20-Minute Networking Meeting.

Volume book discounts are available for the Professional or Executive Edition, with or without webinar. Contact Us for more information.


Could your students use networking insight from a recruiting and hiring perspective? More importantly, could they use a networking process? Most students are told that networking is critical to landing paid internships, jobs, and developing careers. And it is. However, while students are often given great guidance, insight and tips, most students never learn how to do it with process.

The key to successful networking meetings are thought-out, structured agendas that, while being efficient, are highly informative, productive, and respectful of a contact's gift of time.

Beyond B-School

Recognizing the importance of this, universities, colleges and trade schools around the country make the The 20MNM Graduate Edition required reading for students, making it part of their undergraduate and graduate school curriculum. A 3-video series with Nathan and the 20MNM is also hosted on Beyond B-School (MBA video career training website featuring some of the country's top career experts). But even if you do not have a Beyond B-School login, or if you are on a tight budget, live webinars are available with Nathan, and a perfect solution for students. Here are current topics. If you would like Nathan to create or tailor a particular topic, or to present in person, contact him here.

Current Topics

  • The 20MNM for Job-Search & Career Development
  • Networking for Introverts and Us Quiet Types
  • Resume and LinkedIn Construction from the Recruiter Point of View

Volume book discounts are available for the Graduate Edition, with or without webinar. Contact Us for more information.

*Please note: Book volume rates are subject to change.

Nathan has an unusual professional background. His job as an executive career and job-search coach is his fourth full career (fifth, if you include writing). Though he has worked extensively with executives for the past 14 years, his first career was as a professional performer for nearly two decades.

A formally trained actor with a BFA in Theatre Arts, Nathan has developed deep experience on stage and in front of live audiences. He has starred in film, guest-starred on television, is a union member of Actor's Equity Association (AEA); a Professional member of the National Speakers Association; the Author's Guild, and a voting member of the Screen Actor's Guild (SAG-AFTRA). Nathan brings these dynamic career experiences together in the classroom, delivering information-rich networking perspective from a job-seeker and recruitment/ hiring standpoint. 


A popular event for organizations who host, advise or counsel job-seekers, the 20MNM seminar is  two-parts and chock full of skills, tips and information that can be used the moment attendees leave the room.

Note: All presentation and seminar lengths can be tailored to any length, and do not come with any standard length of time. It can be customized! (With practical time frames below.)

Does your company or university have a big networking event coming up? Do your clients or attendees need to know how to make efficient use of that networking time? Do you have job-seeking clients, sales, or business development employees who need to sharpen their networking skill set?

Whether you are a big corporation, an individual, a nonprofit, university,  or private company, these networking seminars are designed for anyone who likes to or needs to meet people for personal or professional purposes. (All of us!) Learn the most important skill set in business and discover how to crisply develop and deliver your professional background or your organizational message, while expanding your network and building leads at the same time. Founded on the very important premises of gratitude and reciprocity, these techniques are people-centric and create immediate, authentic, strong relationships that grow over time.

20MNM Seminars: What's Involved

Presentations are 45-minutes in length.

Seminars are 1.5 to 2 hours in length and come in two parts; a presentation of the 20MNM, followed by a Social, Speed, and Spontaneous Networking interpersonal skill-building session.

Part 1

Part 1 of the seminar is a discussion on what networking (really) is, why it is so difficult, and how to approach job-search networking with the 20MNM concept.  Part 1 serves to set up Part 2.

Part 2

Part 2 is a Skill-Building session focused on Social, Speed, and Spontaneous Networking. (Think meeting people at the company holiday party; neighborhood BBQ; or speed networking event!)  Pulling from his professional theatre background, Nathan makes this skill session dynamic, and consists  of multiple interpersonal exercises that see attendees shaking hands, repeatedly meeting others in the group, each time practicing new networking skills with new partners throughout the session!


Some Social, Speed, and Spontaneous Networking skills that attendees learn: How to enter a conversation; How to engage contacts and lead conversations with thought-provoking questions; How to handle being a third-wheel; How to exit conversations with follow up, and how to keep these new networks alive, to name a few.

Drawing on his unique theatre arts background, Nathan engages the quietest of audiences, and through interactive teaching, empowers people with interpersonal networking skills for the real world. Coming from an extremely diverse professional background himself, Nathan relates to nearly every job-seeker out there, on a personal level. Consequently, attendees leave feeling confident that, no matter their skill or shyness level, they now have what it takes to gain, earn or solicit the help of others through networking-- even complete strangers.

The Skill session is professionally facilitated in a safe (it's okay to make mistakes!) environment by Nathan, and is designed to mimic real-world scenarios. Groups can be as small as six, and as large as 150, and can be any mix of professional backgrounds, ages or experience levels. 

Volume book discounts up to 35% are available for the Professional and Executive Edition, and up to 40% for the Graduate Edition, with or without seminar. Contact Me for more information.

Are You a Non-profit That Hosts Job Seekers?

Nathan may be able to speak to your group of 50 or more at no cost! Contact Me for more information.

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