The Humble Servant Podcast

Nathan A. Perez and The Humble Servant Host, Eric Velez-Villar discuss networking and civil servant career and job search transition. Eric Velez-Villar is a security and Intelligence leader having served over 30 years in the FBI, culminating as the senior executive over the FBI’s Intelligence Branch and then heading security for Disney’s theme parks, cruise ships, resorts and stores, as well as The Walt Disney Company’s sensitive information program. Eric is the CEO of Velez Security Solutions, LLC that provides a full spectrum of strategic planning, due diligence, operational improvement and risk management consulting services to companies and investors operating in U.S. government and commercial markets. As a way of serving those who serve others, Eric is the host of The Humble Servant Podcast providing career coaching to men and women in the military, law enforcement and firefighters as they transition from public service to a career in the private sector.