Foreword Reviews – 5 of 5 Stars

The 20-Minute Networking Meeting should prove extraordinarily beneficial to job seekers at any level.

In The 20-Minute Networking Meeting by Nathan Perez and Marcia Ballinger, two executive search firm professionals reveal an invaluable five-step process for successful networking.

Most job seekers recognize that creating a solid résumé and performing well at an interview are essential elements for securing a position. But finding the right position in the first place is a challenge because of the “hidden” job market—“job openings that are not advertised or publicly announced.” This is where networking becomes so important, but according to the authors, “the vast majority of networking meetings are near-complete failures.”

Thankfully, Perez and Ballinger offer a well-structured, elegantly simple yet comprehensive five-step process to vastly reduce the chance of failure at networking. Read More…