About Nathan A. Perez

Principal, Career Innovation, LLC.
Professional & Keynote Speaker
Co-author of the 20-Minute Networking Meeting

Former Vice President of Research and currently Of Counsel, Research for Ballinger|Leafblad, a Minneapolis based retained search firm, Nathan is the first step of the executive recruitment process, devising strategies of “where and how to find” qualified candidates for all national and global search engagements. Highly experienced at locating executives in a wide array of industries and businesses, from arts organizations to manufacturing to consumer package goods to healthcare and beyond, Nathan has a unique understanding amongst executive search professionals how job-searchers must be found through online and hidden job markets.

Adept at full work-history deconstruction/reconstruction from a recruitment/hiring perspective, Nathan works one-on-one with candidates at all levels and backgrounds, from college graduates to AmeriCorp cohort members, to Chief Executive Officers in Fortune 500 companies. Having reviewed and interpreted tens of thousands of resumes over his career, combined with his 20-year history as a writer, he brings a unique skill set to resume and biography construction, approaching it with executive-recruitment experience, an editor’s eye and a writer’s know-how. Especially proficient at breaking down entire work histories and getting to the core of “who a person is,” he specializes in constructing resumes that nail down the professional perspective that recruiters and corporate hiring authorities need in order to understand what you’ve done over your career.

Co-author of the critically acclaimed job-search networking book The 20-Minute Networking Meeting, which regularly ranks in Amazon’s hourly-updated Top 20 Job Hunting and Careers books, Nathan teaches the 5 principles of The 20-Minute Networking Meeting to career coaches, workforces and job-seeking individuals. An enthusiastic and hands-on coach himself, and having co-created the 20MNM model with his colleague, Dr. Marcia Ballinger, Nathan combines his networking and executive search experience with 20 years in front of television cameras and stage performance to augment and strengthen an executive’s confidence and in-person presence.

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