Networking Group Intensives

Job-Search Networking Group Intensives are interactive, dynamic, small-group seminars of 40 people.

Job Search Networking  and Employment

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 70% of all jobs are found through the people we know. And of course, the people we know make up our network. But if you're an executive, did you know that at 80%, it’s even more challenging to find roles? Why? Because there are less leadership roles available in the whole of business. This makes job-search challenging for all of us.  

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About the Group Intensive

The 20-Minute Networking Meeting sessions are based on  the multi-award-winning book material of the same name. The session is a presentation and discussion of the material and job-search networking, facilitated by co-author, Nathan Perez.  Taking the five most important parts of a professional networking meeting, the session will teach, in detail, how to distill a conventional 60-minute meeting into an efficient, self-informative, reciprocal, and highly productive 20-minute networking meeting.

Designed specifically for job-search and career development, The 20-Minute Networking Meeting session will be a discussion of common fears and myths around professional networking, and includes step-by-step discussion of how to open with a solid impression; how to pull together resume material for a clean, clear professional overview; how to ask and formulate relevant and informative questions as it pertains to job-search; how to expand a professional network; and how to incorporate all of this into a simple, structured, 20-minute meeting.

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The Group Intensive

Aside from a robust networking discussion, this group seminar is a dynamic opportunity to kickstart the actual creation and development of your Great Overview (also known as: Professional Overview; Elevator Pitch; “Story;” Background; Professional Experience; Snapshot; 30-second commercial etc.), tweak it, and practice it in a safe, open setting with Nathan and the group! This approach will work for anyone. See below for more information.



Commonly Asked Questions

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