Advanced Networking for Introverts

Networking Group Intensives

Advanced Networking Group Intensives are highly interactive, dynamic, small-group seminars of 40 people. These skill-building sessions consist of interpersonal exercises that see attendees shaking hands, meeting others in the group, and learning skills centered around social, speed and spontaneous networking scenarios. See below for more information.

(See video demonstration of a 20MNMeeting in action!)

Is This For Me?

Are you searching for a job and already know that networking is the most important thing you can do-- but don't do it?  Do loud, chaotic networking events unnerve you-- and though you know good things will come of it-- still don't go? Are you someone who should go out and meet more people, because you know it's good for you, will learn about others, who learn about you, which leads to new people, new discoveries, opportunities, jobs and even careers? But still don't?

Advanced Networking for Introverts is for you! Click for more information.



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