Who Are the Workshops For?

Everyone! Whether you are an individual, a nonprofit, private company or big international corporation, these networking workshops are designed for anyone who relies on renewing or making new relationships. Learn the most important skill set in business and discover how to crisply develop and deliver your professional background or your organizational message, while meeting people and building leads in simultaneous fashion.
Founded on the premises of gratitude and reciprocity, these techniques create strong, authentic, ongoing relationships that grow over time.

  • A Networking Workshop Is For You If…
  • You’re in a job-search
  • You need to use your time more effectively
  • You need to strengthen your business development skills
  • You need to get more out of meetings
  • You or your organization rely on contacts and relationship-building to do business
  • Your development or sales staff needs to get better at making business contacts
  • You have a networking event coming up, and your staff, volunteers, hosts, or students need to sharpen or learn new skills

Four Kinds of Workshops

Networking workshops are a quick-learn, highly interactive experience that take attendees through a step-by-step networking process that can be applied to every day business scenarios like sales, business development, marketing, or internal (cross-functional) relationship building.

Networking workshops for beginners are held at a public space. This course is for:

  • Beginning networkers
  • Anyone who has no idea where to start with networking
  • Anyone who is an introvert, shy and nervous about meeting people
  • Anyone who likes to meet people but is nervous about taking the next step
  • Those who know they should be making new relationships (professional or personal)— but are not
  • Those who like making relationships, but would like to make them better or stronger

In the Beginner course you will:

  • Learn how to lead discussions
  • Learn how to ask questions that provoke thought and gain insight
  • Learn how to relax during conversation.
  • Learn how to stay in the moment
  • Learn to focus on and listen to your contact
  • Learn to build confidence
  • Bring depth to your future discussions and exchanges

…Did you know… that Nathan is an introvert? If you’re an introvert, this class is for you!

This course is for…

  • Any person who frequently meets (or must meet) new people at professional or personal social events
  • Any person who participates in speed networking events
  • Any person who must make internal/cross-functional relationships for work/business
  • People comfortable with conversation, but wish to establish a deeper connection with others

In the Advanced Networking course you will:

  • Learn how to lead, maintain, and keep a conversation going
  • Learn how to bring others into a discussion, and how to exit a discussion
  • Learn how to lead, follow, and participate in one-on-one and group discussions
  • Learn how to listen/identify speaking cues
  • Learn how to ask deeper, thought-provoking questions
  • Learn to make deeper connections in shorter time (i.e. speed networking; social scenarios)

…Did you know… That all types of networking share the same characteristics? Take these skills into any kind of personal or professional scenario.

Did you know that 70% of all jobs are obtained through networking?  Join The 20-Minute Networking Meeting author Nathan Perez for a hands-on, interactive networking workshop designed specifically for job search.

*Note: Separate Job-Search courses are held for beginning networkers and more experienced networkers. See the above workshop descriptions to decide which is for you.

The Job-Search Networking workshop is for…

  • Anyone in need of employment
  • Anyone looking to make a job transition
  • Anyone looking to make a career transition
  • Anyone who has been out of the workforce for a long period of time
  • Retired workers who want to return to the workforce
  • Military Veterans
  • College graduates
  • Anybody with a complex work background (i.e. multiple industries or kinds of jobs over the course of your career)
  • Organizations who provide job-services assistance to volunteers, students, cohorts (e.g. AmeriCorp/VISTA), or employees.

What’s Involved

Job-search workshops are a step-by-step instruction of how to:

  • Open with a solid impression
  • Pull together resume material for a clear professional overview
  • Ask and formulate relevant and informative questions
  • Expand a professional network
  • Integrate all of it in a structured 20-minute meeting
  • How to maintain professional networks throughout your career!

This Job-Search Networking workshop includes a copy of The 20-Minute Networking Meeting.

…Did you know… No matter your experience, a recruiter or manager is likely to hire someone they know versus a complete stranger? Learn to network. Get the job.

While outside sales for a corporation may need to make relationships in the field, a non-profit may need to strengthen donor relationships in a very different fashion. Company networking workshops are tailored for your needs.

Founded on a give-and-take philosophy, workshops are highly interactive and designed to make long-lasting relationships.

…Did you know… Strengthening your company’s internal relationships boosts trust, effectiveness and productivity? Learn to Network. Get the Job done.

Contact me to tailor a workshop for your company.

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